Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)

building an extension using cross laminated timber

Cross laminated timber, or CLT, is a solid wood panel product that you can use in your house design. You can use Cross Laminated Timber to form walls, roof and floor panels as well as shear walls. There are many opportunities to use this material in a striking and creative way.

Cross Laminated Timber is produced by stacking layers of timber, known as lamellas, at 90º to the layer below and these are then glued to create panels. It is usual to stack between three and seven layers. The resulting panels can be up to 24m in length and 3m in width.

Many timber frame companies are using Cross Laminated Timber across the commercial, leisure and education construction sectors. It is now making an appearance in the family house market.

High degree of fire resistance
The solid CLT panels have a fire resistance that can surpass that of steel and reinforced concrete components. A CLT panel with a burning surface will char slowly from the surface towards the inside, thus reducing heat conduction and preventing the oxygen from accessing the timber.