Design admin

design admin includes planning

Design admin on a self build will include:

  • Consideration of building regulations
  • Co-ordinating consultations with the building control body
  • An elemental cost plan and cash flow projection
  • Obtaining input from the suppliers of goods and services; settling pricing and contract conditions before any commitment to use their services
  • Co-ordinating designs by specialist suppliers or contractors into the overall design
  • Sourcing necessary samples of materials,  visits to assess samples or mock-ups
  • The designer should submit a full set of project drawings, specifications and a cost plan to the self builder for comment and approval before progressing to the next stage. Where the proposed development affects a party wall or party structure, the self builder needs to consider if it is appropriate to issue party wall notices and to appoint party wall surveyors.

Design documents

  • Construction drawings
  • Floor plans, sections and elevations.
  • Site plan

Processes involved include:

  • Building services strategy (heating, ventilation, electrical supply, lighting and so on).
  • Outline specification describing the main materials and workmanship required.
  • A strategy for obtaining planning permission.
  • Procurement strategy.
  • Programme, construction methodology and logistics.
  • Approximate quantities of the main materials proposed.
  • A cost plan (including site preliminaries).
  • The design should be fixed at the end of this process.