Oak Framing

oak board cladding on house extension

Oak framing offers the character that many people crave in their home. Oak framing tends to improve with age, both structurally and aesthetically. This type of framing is designed to be entirely self-supporting, allowing you to design cathedral-style roof spaces which are uninterrupted by ceilings.The ability to create vertical oak bays allows a flexibility of design which is particularly suited to contemporary open plan living. It also allows large glazed panels to be interspersed without structural weakness.

Oak framed buildings are put together using traditional construction methods which have changed little over centuries. At the heart of the frame making process are the frame designers. These specialists design both the ‘look’ of the oak frame and the multiple joints that hold the structure together.

You can choose whether to use Green Oak or Dried Oak. Green Oak has been felled within 18 months and still contains a large percentage of water. Compare this to Dried Oak, which has been naturally or forcefully dried. Green Oak shrinks across the grain as it dries out over time; the shrinkage pulls the joints tight and strengthens the frame.