How efkor will work on your project

The founder of efkor, Marc Almond, explains in the following video how efkor will work on your project:

About the founder

Marc graduated in Civil and Structural Engineering from the University of Sheffield and then qualified as a Chartered Loss Adjuster, investigating construction losses. His remit was international and wide-ranging, from architect negligence in Switzerland to hurricane damage in the West Indies.

Upon qualifying as a Chartered Marketer and obtaining an MBA, he operated as the European Marketing manager for Golders, global environmental consultants. He has also founded several businesses, including the redevelopment of Sheffield Coroners Court into a Business Centre.

With a continuing interest in Computer Aided Design, Marc authored “The Nested Matrix: Rapid 3D modelling of residential buildings”, now in use as a university textbook. You can find more information here.

Nested Matrix is a university textbook

Marc authored the prize-winning engineering paper “The Utilization of Tidal Power” and he has continued to maintain an active interest in sustainable construction. He is the inventor of several patents for a “Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel” which proposes bio-fibre reinforcement of timber cassettes as a replacement build system to the current concrete and steel solutions.

Architectural design of residential buildings is the main focus of Marcs work nowadays and he is fortunate enough to work with some talented architectural designers.