Whats the procedure for constructing a retaining wall for a new driveway?

Depending on the intended depth of foundation of your new driveway and the height of the entrance from the public road pavement, you may need both planning permission and a building control notice. A structural engineer will be able to provide calculations and a detailed technical retaining wall drawing. If your works are within 3m of the boundary, you may also need a party wall agreement with your neighbours.

Bear in mind that a new vehicular access can only be created under Permitted Development rules if the road is unclassified. Hard surfaces can be added under Class F of the Permitted Development and the accompanying rules are covered in this video and this video transcript. For classified roads, planning permission is required.

As you are creating a new driveway, don’t forget that you will need to obtain permission from the local council to drop the kerbs; the pavement may also need strengthening to protect any services buried in the ground eg water pipes.

Listed buildings require consent for any significant works whether internal or external.