A route map

planning your build route

When I first considered building my own house, I had no route map to follow and I remember gathering huge amounts of information. It seemed endless and, for a long time, any clarity on the self-build process eluded me. I subscribed to various self-build magazines, attended the housebuilding shows and consumed as much online information as humanly possible. I liked the solutions provided by the Package Suppliers but I was finding it confusing to put all the information gathered into a simple framework for decision-making.

I think the reason for the initial confusion was that most Package Suppliers coloured their description of the self-build process with an account of how you could use their design and planning services. This was very understandable but it didn’t help me get an objective view of the wider picture. I knew that once I started discussing design and planning with a specific supplier, it would be very difficult to back away and recommence the same discussion with a different supplier.

Eventually, I came up with a route map for a self-build that kept the supplier out of the decision process until much later. My framework for the main stages of a self-build was:

1.Agree the brief
2.Acquire a Site
3.Design the House
4.Secure Planning Permission
5.Select a Supplier
6.Manage the Project

Hopefully, this helps you if you are at the very early stage of your self-build.