I’ve issued a Party Wall notice to my neighbour. What rights does the neighbour have?

Once the Party Wall notice has been received by your neighbour, they have the right to:

  • Request details of how the works will be carried out to protect the neighbouring property
  • Appoint a surveyor to carry out a conditional survey before the works are commenced
  • Request any changes be rectified, once the works are completed

All of the above would be performed at your expense. It would therefore be in your interest to get your neighbour on board with your project. Keep them fully notified of what you are doing; alert them to forthcoming disruptive material deliveries or potentially noisy excavation work. Explain that all of the work will be inspected by the building control officer. It may also be beneficial if your structural engineer is briefed to spend a few minutes with your neighbour, reassuring them that, structurally, everything is fairly ordinary and is typical of work completed thousands of times a year.

You need to do what it takes to keep them from appointing a surveyor because party wall issues can get very costly. They can also seriously impact your timeframe for completing the project. It sounds like a hassle but think of it this way. What if you didn’t issue a Party Wall notice and then part way through your work, your neighbour discovered his rights? If you couldn’t then dispel the neighbours fears about the extent of your building work, its feasible that work could be stopped on site via a court injunction.